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Should I Get Bangs? Everything You Need to Know Before

Should I get bangs? Well, the response to this confusion is not an easy one. Cutting bangs is a major decision. They can transform how you look entirely. Don’t believe...

Should I get bangs? Well, the response to this confusion is not an easy one.

Cutting bangs is a major decision. They can transform how you look entirely. Don’t believe us? Simply search Zooey Deschanel and Jada Pinkett Smith with and without bangs to see what we are talking about. Bangs can frame and bring definition to your face. Though it’s not as easy as it looks. Bangs are like that pretty girl you fancy, but she’s high maintenance. Thus, to keep her happy, you have to treat her like a goddess.

What To Consider When Getting Bangs


  • Face Shape And Types Of Bangs

There is a logic that we listed this point first. We cannot emphasise enough how significant your face shape is when it comes to sporting bangs. 

Curtain bangs are an easy way to add fringe for most face shapes and hair types. This shape looks great on most face shapes. It is a softer, more wispy style that’s typically shorter in the centre and gets longer toward the borders.  

If you are someone with fine, thin hair and feel like traditional blunt bangs don’t give your hair adequate body, the wispy style is a wonderful alternative. This style is usually longer than blunt bangs, hitting below the eyebrows. If your hair is naturally straight, you can let your hair air-dry, or you can take a flat iron to your bangs.

Face-framing strands are chin-length and are perfect for people experiencing light hair fall/hair thinning or small bald spots, especially near the temple area. These do not only add volume and cover the small spots by giving coverage but also work well to give your hair structure and bring the attention down from your forehead to your gorgeous cheekbones and jawline. 

Side bangs are a go-to look for hairstyles that require a deep side part. This style looks good on every single hair type and texture. If you are still uncertain about a middle part but want to add a little oomph to your hair, a side bang brings attention to your face in a very glamorous manner.

  •  Maintenance

Your bangs get oily very fast. Thus, you need to wash them more often than the rest of your hair. You will also have to trim your bangs to guarantee your hairdo is on point. When you apply skin care products to your face, make sure they don’t come in contact with your bangs. These products have chemicals that are not suitable for your hair.

  • Styling your bangs

 Curly or wavy bangs do not suit everyone. You need to be very aware of which hair type suits you – wavy, curly, or straight. Another thing to recognise is that your bangs are shorter than the rest of your hair. Hence, be mindful when using heat-styling tools on them. When straightening or curling your hair, keep your bangs in the heating tool for a shorter period. Use a blow dryer on a low setting when drying them

You will also need to set your bangs every day and fiddle with them a few times during the day. Yes, it’s a lot of work, we know it!

  • Natural Parting

Your natural parting is key to offering a perfect fringe and a voluminous look. When you wake up, how is your hair naturally parted?  Consider that when you choose a style for yourself.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do bangs age your face?

The right kind of bangs that are perfect for your face shape can help bring a youthful appearance. However, bangs that are too short may accentuate fine lines on the forehead or around the eyes.

Will bangs change my appearance?

Bangs can change the appearance of the face and play with its strengths to make you look attractive, sharper or more youthful, depending on what you want.

Why should I not cut bangs?

You may want to avoid cutting bangs if you do not have the time to maintain them, as bangs require regular trimming and extra care. In addition, bangs may make the forehead greasier, so you may want to avoid them if you have sensitive or excessively oily skin.

Nish Hair Clip in Bangs

Now you can revamp your look without cutting your hair super short because all you need is the NishHair clip-in bangs. The good news is, that our bangs work well with straight, wavy, and curly hair types. Plus, they are super versatile and can complement many hairstyles like ponytails, updos, buns, and more.

They are a great style trend that gives you a mini makeover without any permanent commitments

  • Super easy-to-use clip-on application.
  • 100% human hair extensions
  • Lightweight, comfortable to wear all day long
  • Blend flawlessly with your hair
  • Heat resistant and can be styled just like your real hair
  • Can be clipped on higher or lower as per your need
  • Can be dyed


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