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It is the most beautiful time of the year…the festival season! With so many festivals and occcassions just around the corner and music concert line-ups dropping every weekend, we are...

It is the most beautiful time of the year…the festival season! With so many festivals and occcassions just around the corner and music concert line-ups dropping every weekend, we are going gaga with excitement for a festival-filled time. Obviously, while the festivals are first and foremost about family and their happiness, there’s a particular expectation that goes into planning the perfect looks for the celebration. 

We’re here to help you achieve the perfect festival hairstyle. Remember, festival time is a perfect time to experiment with hairstyles that wouldn’t necessarily function in the real world, so feel free to go all out and try something new with our best grade hair extensions and our super fun hair accessories.


 Have you ever glanced at those pinterest looks with impossibly lengthy, thick, and shiny hair and wondered which part of their genetic code was responsible for such marvel? Well, nowadays, there’s a good possibility those enviable tresses have less to do with DNA and more to do with hair extensions. Here are a few options for you.

If alI you like is a thicker ponytail, all you need is a Nish hair faux ponytail to attach it to your hair and rock the perfect festive ponytail look. It is an easy wrap around ponytail adds length and so much volume.


Do you fancy some trendy colourful additions or highlights to your hair without any damage or commitment? Then our coloured hair strands are just perfect for you.You can easily keep switching the colours easily to match your favourite outfit or occasion. Be ready for the admiring compliments you will get from wherever you go!!!

We’ve had it for a while now and it’s time for a festive makeover. We get it, ladies! Now you can revamp your look without cutting your hair super short because all you need is the NishHair clip-in bangs.

Nish Hair Clip-in bangs are a great style trend that gives you a mini festive makeover without any permanent commitments

This one is a perfect product that covers bald spots in front and back, providing great coverage even for scanty or thin hair. This product is perfect for the festival season and is meant to cover any thinning on the head. With a silk base, they look super real, they blend and integrate with your own hair, Like MAGIC.


 If you’re thinking a few weeks ahead about what you’ll wear to the numerous festival parties that you have pending invitations to, don’t forget to include a festive hair accessory to complete the look. Most other months in the year don’t call for sparkly clips and bedazzled headbands, but October through December is your opportunity to pull out all the stops with preppy glam festival looks. 

Would it really be the festivals if a evil eye hair claw clip didn’t make an appearance? This claw clip is as cute as it is easy to style. Clip it onto your ponytail, atop a perfectly rounded bun, or secure it to a half-up half-down style — you really can’t go wrong no matter how you choose to wear it.


Maybe wearing a tiara to a festival party is a bit much (who is to say?), but this fleur crystal star headband has a tiara effect while still being subtle and dainty enough to wear just about anywhere.

Easily add a touch of luxury to any outfit with this rose gold hair clip — you could come down on Christmas day still in pajamas, but with this in your hair it’s a picture perfect, Instagram-ready look.

Nothing ties together festival glam together quite like this one. This delicate golden matte goddess leaf is a beautiful way to make a statement while still being understated.


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